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What is a Consignment Sale?

Don’t worry if you are a newbie to consignment we are more than happy to walk you through the process to help you get started.

The Hooked On Consignment Sale is a sale that will be held two times are year. Each sale will be designated either Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter. At each designated sale we will take season appropriate clothing.  Each consignor tags their own items and determines the pricing.  You will drop all of your items off at your selected drop off appointment and at that time we will inspect your clothing and items to ensure the quality is ok for the sale.   The consignor will receive 70% of the selling price of their item minus a $15 consignor fee.  Any unsold items are either picked up by the consignor on the designated pick up day or are designated on the consignor tag to donated to local charities.  Consignment Sales are a great place to pick up new and gently used products for your children at a fraction of the retail price!  We will not accept  stained, damaged, broken or out of date items and we will not make any exceptions.  Our goal is for you to have an amazing experience with us and make some money for your gently used items. We want you to tell all of your friends all the wonderful items you found and that you had a wonderful experience at the Hooked On Consignment Sale.


We DO NOT accept breast pumps,juniors, maternity, arts and crafts,vhs tapes, juniors,adult, stuffed animals, bedding, room decor or bags/diaper bags, no sporting equipment, no teething toys or pacis unless new in package.


We are a Seasonal Consignment Event that happens 2 times a year. We specialize in baby all the way to size 18 boy and girl.


How to Price and Prep your items?

To get started you will need hangers,pins and white card stock. If you have toys that have small parts you will need to get some gallon zip lock baggies and tape. Make sure to have all clothing washed and neatly hung. If you want your clothing items to be someones First Choice make sure to hang them and have them looking nice and neat. Clean all of your toys and make sure that batteries are working and all small pieces are accounted for.  Usually you can price items at 1/3  to ¼ of what retail is. We have provided a Pricing Guide to help as a tool when you are pricing/tagging. Keep in mind that if you are emotionally tagging items you may be pricing them to high. If you are deeply attatched to an item you may want to wait until you are ready to let it go for a reasonable price. Check out our tagging video on our official facebook page.


Do you want to shop before the Public?

We have several ways you can sign up to get all of those goodies before opening day to the public.

  1. Become a consignor. Bring at least 15 acceptable items and you get to shop a full day before the public!
  2. Become a Volunteer. Volunteer at least one 4 hour shift plus sort and you get to shop a full day before the consignors!
  3. Barter. We are in need of several items (see barter page) and if you can help us out, you get to shop with the volunteers a full day before the consignors! We need tons and tons of tables. Loan us 4 for 2 weeks at that will equal on shift.


What type of items will we have at the Consignment Sale?

Over 50,000 ITEMS to SHOP! We will have tons of children’s clothing (including tons of brand new with tags boutique and Natalie Grant,Matilda Jane etc.), shoes, accessories, toys, baby equipment and MORE….

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