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6 Easy Steps to Consigning With Us!


Step 1: Register to Consign

Step 2: Price & Tag Your Items

See section below for tips!

Step 3: Drop Your Items Off at the Sale

View schedule below!

Step 4: Work a Volunteer Shift (optional )

We would love for you to Volunteer with US!

Step 5: Shop the Sale

Step 6: Pick up Your Unsold Items

You will pick up all of your unsold items on Sunday Sept. 24th  1-4 p.m unless you have chosen to donate your items. Anything that is not picked up by 4:00 p.m. on Sept. 24th will be donated.

Just a few Helpful Hints for tagging

Due to limited space you can only bring 250 of your VERY BEST items! Fall and Winter Clothing…

Hooked On Consignment Charges a $12 registration fee at the time of Registration via paypal or debit card. Consignor earns 70% of earnings. Sale receives 30%

Please use cardstock to print your tags.

2. Use Safety Pins to pin your tags.

3. Tie shoes together. Please do not put them in baggies.

4. We will be accepting Spring/Summer  Clothing only at the Spring/Summer Hooked On Consignment Sale. You may bring long sleeve transitional polos for boys, jeans,khakis for boys. We will have a restock day on Mon March 12th  from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. so if you don’t get everything tagged you can come back for a second drop off. If you are dropping off at restock day please remember to mark items for discount. ONLY bring items that are Spring and Summer clothing etc.

5. Some of the best Fall sellers are TOYS TOYS TOYS!! Rain Coats, American Girl,Dvds,legos,clothing,shoes, CLOTHES CLOTHES CLOTHES

6. We will have a limit on clothing 18 months and under..We will only accept 40 items of size 18 mo and under per sex. We will NOT be accepting ,Diaper Bags, Purses, Back packs, NO breast Pumps,Maternity, Bedding, or any Kid Decor. We will also Do NOT be ACCEPT Junior clothing.

7. We will not accept Stuffed Animals,VHS tape. We will also not accept bags, diaper bags, maternity, junior clothing or home room decor. If you have questions on items accepted please email

8. Make sure to clean out those electronics some of our best sellers are Dvds, American Girl, Disney,xbox 360 games,  and dvds.

If you have additional questions please please email us at

Drop Off Information

BY appt only Sun. March 4th, Monday March 5th and Tuesday March 6th ALL appts should be made through the tagging link. Allow 45 minutes for Check IN! 

Hooked On Consignment Charges a $12 non refundable consignor fee! Consignor split is

Click on the link below and you will put in your info to receive a consignor number.  Pay $12 registration fee upfront to secure your consignor spot.

After you register to consign make sure to write down your userid and password. You will need this info everytime you sign in to enter tags. You will also need to pay the $12 consignor fee via paypal within 48 hrs. 

We will NOT be accepting Breast pumps,Adult, purses, bags, diaper bags, Juniors, Maternity, Bedding or Home Decor. The only Adult Clothing we take is WOMENS Matilda Jane.

Supplies: To get started you will need hangers,pins and card stock.

Small Toys: If you have toys that have small parts you will need to get some gallon zip lock baggies and tape.

Clothing: Make sure to have all clothing washed and neatly hung. If you want your clothing items to be someones First Choice make sure to hang them and have them looking nice and neat.

Toys: Clean all of your toys and make sure that batteries are working and all small pieces are accounted for.

Usually you can price items at 1/3  to ¼ of what retail is. Go to to find a Pricing Guide to help as a tool when you are pricing/tagging. Keep in mind that if you are emotionally tagging items you may be pricing them to high.

If you are deeply attached to an item you may want to wait until you are ready to let it go for a reasonable price.

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